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Tyreek Moore '93


There are several things I'm proud of regarding my time at Kent. When I first arrived there I struggled mightily with the academic rigor and the culture shift as a very young black kid from the South Bronx. I was tremendously well supported by Dean Gowan and his wife as well as Mr. McLeod. That helped me quickly turn things around and acclimate to my new surroundings. I became a tour guide, member of the Kentones, a high level two sport athlete, and ultimately a member of the senior council. My experience at Kent literally altered the trajectory of my life.

Upon matriculation, I enrolled in Boston University where I earned a degree in computer science. I climbed the professional ladder in the field of technology which culminated in launching my own IT consulting firm. I became a serial entrepreneur after that, whose companies always had a thesis of shifting the experience for marginalized and underrepresented communities. I became a business professor at Monroe College, Chief Operating Officer for the largest non-network charter school in New York State (New Heights Academy), president of two divisions in the largest executive life coaching firm in the world (The Handel Group), and CEO of NBA all star Baron Davis' multicultural multimedia studio UWish. I currently enjoy life as a husband and dad of four children, one of which currently attends Kent as a freshman (Tatyana Moore). I also have two nieces and a Goddaughter that currently attend Kent.