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Kent School

The Arts

Kent School Dance Ensemble in performance

Visual & Performing Arts

Kent's vibrant artistic community promotes the discovery, technical expertise, and self-expression that fuels a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

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From the darkroom to the bright, open studios and beautiful performing spaces, the arts at Kent inspire you to connect with audiences through heartfelt expression.

Spring Musical 2023 - The Little Mermaid

A Place to Create

Kent's artistic culture celebrates creative risk-taking and embracing every moment as a learning opportunity. You will refine your creative identity and define your voice as you expand your creative palette, expose yourself to new approaches, and immerse yourself in Kent's artistic community.

A Network of Artists

You will be guided and supported through the creative process by the professional artists of Kent's faculty, who develop your technique as you tap into your inner artist through a rich offering of visual and performing arts courses.

Tailored Opportunities

Kent's array of artistic offerings, from ensembles to classes, ensures that every student has the opportunity to indulge their interests and pursue artistic growth. Ensembles, plays, the yearly musical, and more are crafted and selected based on the specific talents of the students involved, meaning your innate artistic voice will be present and celebrated at Kent.

Performing Ensembles



Courses in The Arts

Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks and investigate an array of artists in Introduction to Studio Art.

Explore the properties and qualities of space as you seek experimental solutions in Architecture.

Focus on the use of the potter’s wheel and some hand-building techniques as you create in Pottery.

Learn how to use a digital camera and manipulate your files using the Adobe Creative Suite in Digital Imaging.

Work with a variety of techniques and media to create portraits, still lifes, and landscapes in Drawing.

Discover what makes film relevant for fine art photography in Film Photography.

Develop your technique and familiarize yourself with materials of oil painting within the context of still life, portraiture, and landscape in Oil Painting.

Create using the traditional and innovative materials and techniques of contemporary sculpture and 3-D design in Sculpture.

Engage in the process of creating polished, dramatically sound works of theater in Playwriting.

Rehearse and perform one or more short plays selected to match the group taking the class in Plays in Production.

Explore the techniques of some of the greatest teachers of all time, including Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Michael Chekov, Stella Adler, and, of course, Constantin Stanislavski in Acting : Scenes and Monologues.

Embark upon an anthropological, historical, sociological, and cultural study of dance in Introduction to Dance.

Develop the tools to compose engaging, affective, and communicative dance artworks in Dance Composition.

Study and apply foundational music concepts as you gain a greater understanding of a variety of genres and compositions in Music History and Appreciation.

Deepen your understanding of the structure of music as you learn the elemental concepts of music theory in Music Theory 1.

Continue your melodic and harmonic analysis and explore intermediate concepts such as secondary triads in Music Theory 2.

Explore chromatic harmony, functional seventh chords, key modulation, and analysis of small forms in Music Theory 3.

Explore the origins and development of jazz as a musical genre in Perspectives in Jazz.

Create, collaborate, and express yourself through Kent's Concert Band, Concert Choir, and Orchestra.

Examine the equipment and techniques used in live sound and studio recording applications in Music Technology 1.

Explore the equipment and methods used in software-based music composition, arranging, and multi-track recording in Music Technology 2.

Private music lessons are available in piano, voice, woodwind, percussion, strings, and more.



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