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Student Computers

Every Kent student is required to bring a notebook computer to school. Students may bring either a Mac or a PC, which should meet the minimum requirements below.

Please note that these specifications are the minimum. You will want to have more power if possible, as you’re planning to use this machine for several years.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 10 (Windows 10 Professional recommended) or Mac OS 10.13 or higher (Chromebooks and iPads are not acceptable)
Processor: 64-bit
Memory: at least 8 GB 
Hard drive: at least 256 GB (SSD recommended)
Network: wireless (g, n & ac all supported)
Hardware: Webcam and builtin microphone


Important: We strongly recommend purchasing an extended warranty with accidental damage insurance to keep your equipment up and running. Our experience has shown that the up-front expense is well worth it over the lifetime of the computer. Repairs are expensive. Accidents happen.

Computer Recommendations

If you already have a laptop that satisfies the minimum requirements above, then you are all set. If you need to purchase a laptop and are unsure what model or configuration to buy, recommendations are provided below.

For students planning to study pre-engineering, a Windows computer may be a better choice since much of the pre-engineering software is Windows-based. It is possible to run Windows programs on a Mac using Bootcamp (we can assist with the install), but bear in mind that Bootcamp will use up a lot of space on your hard drive. (We recommend a 256 GB hard drive or higher if you expect to be using Bootcamp.)


If you are planning to purchase a Windows laptop, a vendor that we recommend is Whalley Computer Associates. Please contact Chris Ledoux at 413-569-4223 or


To purchase an Apple laptop, you can order online at or visit your nearest Apple store.

We recommend either of the configurations below as an excellent base model, but feel free to customize it as long as it meets our minimum requirements.

MacBook Air
13-inch, 1.6 GHz
Memory: 8 GB
Hard drive: 128 GB flash storage
AppleCare Protection Plan (important!)


MacBook Pro
13-inch, 2.3 GHz
Memory: 8 GB
Hard drive: 128 GB flash storage
AppleCare Protection Plan (important!)


We do our best to ensure that no student is ever without a functioning computer. If a computer needs to have work done to it, we provide a loaner to be used until the computer is fixed.