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Student Spending Accounts

ID Card

Every student is issued a Kent School ID card which serves as their student ID, spending card, and dorm key card. The card is valid while your child is actively enrolled at Kent School.  The ID card is the only accepted form of payment for students at the School Store and Snack Bar. Other school expenses will be billed through the student spending account (i.e. transportation, class/lab fees, postage, and testing fees).

Lost or damaged cards will be replaced by visiting the Technology Department at a cost of $25 per card.

My Kids Spending

My Kids Spending is a safe and secure website where parents can view and manage their student’s spending account activity at any time and from virtually anywhere. Through the My Kids Spending website parents, may deposit funds into their student’s account using a credit card or electronic check.  You can also set up the account to fund itself when the balance is low.  To register, visit and click the "Getting Started" link at the top.  Enter your contact information, click the register button, and a password will be emailed to you.  New students ID number can be found on their enrollment agreement. Returning students can find their ID number on their ID cardClick here for common questions regarding My Kids Spending.

Account Forms

Kent School ATM

An ATM is located outside the school store for students to access cash.  The cost is $.90 per transaction. Depending on the bank, an additional fee may be charged for using a non-bank ATM. The ATM is available when the student center is open (7am-10pm). All bank debit and credit cards are accepted. The ATM does not accept Kent School student spending cards. We encourage students to have a bank ATM/debit card before arriving on campus. There are two banks in town (Webster Bank & Union Savings Bank) if you would like to open an account when you arrive.

Transportation fees on Student Spending Accounts

Transportation fees can be charged to the student spending account. This may include use of the Kent shuttles to the train station, reserved seating on chartered buses for travel breaks, weekend student activities, and other transportation arrangements made through the Dean's Office or Health Center. Please note: the spending account transaction date may differ from date of the actual transportation.

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