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Chemistry 1, Honors Chemistry 1, and Accelerated Chemistry 1

Chemistry 1 investigates types of chemical reactions, molar relationships and stoichiometry, kinetic theory and gas laws, atomic structure, periodic law, bonding, states of matter, thermodynamics, solutions, equilibrium, and acids and bases. The calculations require basic algebra. Laboratory work parallels and augments the class material. Formal lab reports are an integral part of the course. Honors Chemistry 1 explores the topics in greater depth, the quantitative material is more rigorous, and the lab work is more significant. Accelerated Chemistry is a first-year course intended for students with some previous chemistry experience and covers the topics of Honors Chemistry 1 at an accelerated pace while maintaining the comprehensive laboratory experience of an Honors Chemistry 1 course. The pace of the course allows students to cover additional topics not covered in the Honors Chemistry 1 course including reaction equilibrium, redox reactions, electrochemistry, organic, and nuclear chemistry.

Prerequisite: departmental approval for enrollment in Honors/Accelerated level.

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