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Winter Sports Preview

Hear from Kent's winter coaches! Click on their name to send them an email, or the sport to see more detailed information on our website.


"I love swimming for its physical intensity and because while you’re in the water swimming by yourself, you are doing so in service of a team. Helping students to improve their abilities is deeply rewarding, especially because it’s about more than just setting faster times — it’s about taking a healthy, disciplined, focused, and self-aware approach that students can carry with them for their whole lives."

Tori Callahan, Girls Swimming



"There are millions of things I love about coaching basketball, but at the top of that list is relationships, and using those rare bonds to challenge young people to achieve heights that even they sometimes believe they can't reach. I feel an immense amount of honor and joy when a young person allows me to be their coach."

Jason Coulombe, Girls Basketball




"Kent Hockey developed a culture that made me extremely proud to be a part of. Being able to come back to a place that did so much for me, particularly hockey, and give back to and continue to be a part of that culture is an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for. Working with and watching young athletes grow in a setting that I have so much respect for is extremely rewarding and the reason my Kent pride persists."

Elena Gualtieri, Girls Hockey



"Basketball is the ultimate team sport, but requires individual skill development as well. It is very rewarding getting a group of young men to collectively buy into a philosophy, to play the game the right way, and to establish lasting friendships."

Paul Lee, Boys Basketball



"I love coaching for several reasons, but mostly it’s amazing to get to see the growth that happens in a season (and throughout the years). Diving is unique and requires an incredible amount of individual intestinal fortitude — being able to help the divers trust themselves, face their fears, and build resilience is teaching them to be ready for much more than diving. I also love my team because there’s laughter every day."

Haley Prickett, Diving



"I love seeing the students pursue their passion. The commitment, energy, and excitement they bring to it. I love being able to assist them in trying to reach their goals, face and overcome adversity, and feel proud of that. I love the camaraderie around team sports, and the true care that comes through for teammates when the culture and dynamics hit exactly right."

Dale Reinhardt, Boys Hockey



"Coaching swimming is rewarding on so many levels. It presents a tremendous opportunity for individual growth both physically and in terms of character. Often overlooked, however, is the importance of team dynamics and the impact that working together can have on success. Easily my favorite moments occur when athletes set goals, push each other daily to work harder, perhaps even fail to reach their goals in any given race, but ultimately prevail by either setting a new best time or out touching an opponent to score critical points for the team."

Kevin Saxton, Boys Swimming


"Each squash season represents an opportunity for every member of the team to develop as a player, as a teammate, and as a citizen. Kent Squash, even with our recent success, is a work in progress as we challenge ourselves and each other to perform at a high level and also to demonstrate sportsmanship and a love for the game. Working with these students and watching them navigate all of the ups and downs of a season is a true honor and I cannot wait for this season to begin."

Nikhil Seth, Boys Squash



"I love to see kids fall in love with the sport. Squash is such a social sport. Although I played professionally, I love to see players enjoy themselves and have fun on the court without placing too much pressure on themselves. From a coaching perspective, I get a kick when there is an “aha” moment with their swing or some other aspect of their basic technique."

Toni Weeks, Girls Squash