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Kent School Girls Rowing

Hear from Kent's spring coaches! Click on their name to send them an email, or the sport to see more detailed information on our website.


Our spring seasons are a sprint and you have to hit the ground running. The most prepared teams are the most successful ones. My love of coaching stems from my love of competition and the game of baseball I can't think of a better way to spend a spring day than on a ball field, the sun shining, country music playing, covered in dirt and spitting sunflower seeds. My adult job is coaching a kid's game — doesn't get much better than that!

Jake Bennett, Baseball



It is always encouraging to see individual progress over the course of the season. I appreciate the effort and skill that goes into golfing, and love to see the excitement in the team when they find success.

Jeremy Sokolnicki, Golf



Lacrosse is the greatest sport on two feet. It's fast, physical, high scoring, and 60 minutes of excitement. I love to coach it because there are so many skills that we teach kids on the field that translate to their lives off the field. It requires toughness, confidence, and perseverance to be successful and so does life.

Tyler White, Boys Lacrosse



Coaching at Kent School is a privilege. I love working with our dedicated, hardworking, and passionate student-athletes. Being down on South Fields with the lacrosse team on spring afternoons is one of my favorite parts of the day. The joy the girls have for the game, watching them compete and come together as a team is a true pleasure!

Cara Clarke, Girls Lacrosse



I love coaching rowing because you can make a difference in a young athlete's life. The lessons learned on the river about themselves can positively influence the rest of their lives. My favorite part of coaching is when I push off the dock in my coaching launch during the spring and motor by the school. I get to take in how beautiful the valley and the river are and enjoy a brief quiet moment before practice. It is a great time to reflect and recharge.

Eric Houston, Boys Rowing



Rowing is a sport that unites young athletes from various athletic and social backgrounds. It is the perfect sport for students because it provides a clear separation from the busy academic day on campus. Athletes push away from the dock and find great joy in being out on the river. Helping athletes expand their powers of concentration and the specific fitness required to make boats move with speed is extremely rewarding.

Christine Wilson, Girls Rowing



Our softball program has seen tremendous growth over the last few seasons and continues to focus on developing players through hard work, discipline, and a commitment to the team.

John Barrett, Softball



I love to coach tennis because I love the sport itself, which I started playing competitively when I was ten years old. It's also very satisfying to see the players improve and grow in confidence.

Thomas Hunt, Boys Tennis



I love helping kids improve in tennis, particularly the students who have never had formal coaching. Tennis is a sport you can play your entire life. That sets it apart from other sports.

Rob Ober, Girls Tennis