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Promoting Digital Balance: Kent School and The Social Institute's Initiative for Students and Parents

In response to the growing challenges students face in the digital age, Kent School has partnered with The Social Institute (TSI), an online learning platform known for its gamified approach to developing curricula that prioritize well-being, positive social media usage, and technology navigation skills.

Recognizing the extensive time students spend on digital devices and the prevalent issues of cyberbullying and reputation-damaging posts, Kent School is dedicated to equipping both students and parents with the essential tools for making positive and healthy choices.

Director of Wellness Annie Kearney emphasizes the pivotal role of parental involvement. "It's crucial to have parents reinforcing the same messaging about making smart choices," she says. "It truly takes a village." TSI provides comprehensive parent resources, ensuring families stay ahead of the curve and can effectively guide their children in making positive choices in the digital realm.

Among The Social Institute's offerings is the #WinAtSocial LIVE program, a student-led, social-emotional advisory initiative designed for both remote and in-person engagement. This program addresses timely topics each week, complemented by a gamified curriculum spanning grades three through 12. This full-year program focuses on social-emotional learning, social media literacy, and technology awareness.

As this impactful partnership unfolds, Kent School envisions fostering a culture defined by positive choices and enhanced well-being, positioning its students for success in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age.

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