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Fall Sports Preview

Hear from all of our fall coaches! Click on their name to send them an email, or the sport to see more information about it on our website.


“For me, coaching, like teaching, is a chance to help people do more than they can do at the outset, a chance to see personal growth in action. As young athletes work and make progress, they gain confidence in their ability to do challenging things. I like to help encourage and support young runners through setbacks and anxieties, and I enjoy watching them take the resilience and confidence they gain into other parts of their everyday lives.”

Andrew Baird, Girls Cross Country



“I love to coach because soccer teaches lessons about perseverance and selflessness that are difficult to teach in the classroom. Often in soccer, you run to get open and then don’t receive the ball. And then you run again. Because the team needs you to.”

Michael Benjamin, Boys Soccer



“Coaching for me is about helping the kids along more than it is wins and losses. When the game is on, I want to win, but at the end of the day my main focus is on the development of young men as human beings. We are not defined by how many games we win.”

Wayne Clarke, Football



“Field hockey is the ultimate team sport and I love that aspect of the game. Our practices are always fun and upbeat, but highly competitive to keep the girls engaged and working hard. I have been the head coach since the fall of 2007 and am very proud of the fact that we have produced a winning season for the last 8 years in a row.”

Cortney Duncan, Field Hockey



“Volleyball is a lifelong sport for me. Coaching is a great opportunity to spread my love of the sport and to help students hone their skills. I also strongly believe that a young person, especially a young woman, should not have to apologize for being competitive and wanting to be strong and powerful. Most of all, the love of teamwork and camaraderie is a gift that they can give to each other on the court.”

Kendra Galusha, Volleyball



“I love coaching for the opportunity to bring our athletes a welcomed release from the pressures of academia and revel in the joy of training at a high level and competing against tremendous competition. The mental clarity that comes with the focused intensity of competition offers our athletes the chance to be fully present and find success or be proud knowing they gave their best effort. Coaching also provides an opportunity for guiding our athletes on the life lessons that can be learned from athletics: advance preparation, being fully present, trusting in others, supporting your teammates, and caring for your own health are all key to success.”

Jesse Klingebiel, Girls Soccer



“I love the process of sharing both the natural world and the rugged world of riding a mountain bike with our students. Unlike coaching from the sidelines I get to experience the physical stress and success during our rides which only makes the whole experience even better.”

Curtis Scofield, Mountain Biking



“It is always encouraging to see individual progress over the course of the season. I appreciate the effort that goes into running, and love to see the excitement in the team when they find success.”

Jeremy Sokolnicki, Boys Cross Country



“The most important lesson a horseman needs to learn, to be truly successful in any aspect of riding, is the ability to adjust their style to the needs of the horse. One can never expect the horse to adjust to the needs of the rider. I work with every rider to help them achieve both their short and long-term goals in riding, as well as strengthening their horsemanship skills in a natural and even-tempered way.”

Lyman Whitehead, Equestrian

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