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KSMUN Committees

Executive Committee

Committee Dais: Brandon Schuster, Alice Benjamin, and Allyson Cook

It is the year 1962, and the United States has found out that the USSR is planning to work with the communist Castro regime. The ever-growing threat from the presence of Soviet missiles on the island of Cuba must be resolved. Delegates of the Executive Committee are responsible for gathering ideas and passing recommendations to the president to neutralize the dangerous situation. The safety of the United States are of the utmost importance, no matter what plan of action members decide upon.

Topics to consider for debate:

  • Protecting the United States from danger
  • Removing the nuclear-armed warheads

Council of a Song of Ice and Fire

Committee Dais: Victoria Geh, Stella Klingebiel, and Sevie Browne

It is the year 298 AC and King Baratheon has recently passed away under mysterious circumstances. Five claims to kingship have been made. Through all the chaos and confusion, individuals from various houses have convened to discuss the issue at hand. Delegates should strive to reach a diplomatic solution during this period of uncertainty, but unexpected surprises and events may befall the committee, such as betrayals, forgeries, and supernatural attacks. It is very possible that some backstabbing may occur. Nevertheless, it is up to this council to work with the five contenders to the throne.

Topics to consider for debate:

  • The rightful ruler of the Iron Throne
  • The return of the White Walkers
  • Corruption within the Court 

United States Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works

Committee Dais: Sarah Smith and Yusef Abaza

Over the past thirty years, the Earth's temperature is rising at an increasing rate. Around two hundred countries have entered the Paris Agreement, yet the United States has recently withdrawn from this treaty. This committee has been established to develop a bipartisan resolution, yet the US Senate is currently divided. It is up to the delegates to reach a compromise that not only both parties approve of but also is able to effectively diminish the effects of climate change.

Topics to consider for debate:

  • Responsibilities to the public's understanding and education
  • Relation to other countries both in and out of the agreement
  • Possibilities for reducing emissions