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KSMUNGreetings and Salutations!

We are thrilled to be hosting the 2nd Kent School Model United Nations Conference (KSMUN). Our first conference last year was a complete success. We hope you will join us this year on Sunday, April 29th for another fun day of debate!

KSMUN is committed to small committees filled with active debate and crises throughout the day. We are a learning conference, striving to challenge students at all levels. This year's conference includes three committees, each on different topics so there will definitely be interesting debate for everyone. Whether your interested in tackling the challenges of climate change in a post-Paris Accords world, traveling back in time to grapple with security and containment during the Cuban Missile Crisis or transporting yourself to the world of Ice and Fire as you master the complex politics of the Game of Thrones, our diversity of committees is sure to please all of your delegates. 

Registration for this year’s conference is open now and will close March 23, 2018. The cost is $25 per delegate. There is no cost for advisers or chaperones and there is no delegation fee. Brunch and refreshments will be provided for all attendees. 

For more information or clarification, please email us at

We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you in April! 

Regardless of your committee, we know you will have a rewarding day at KSMUN and we look forward to having you here!

Allyson Cook
KSMUN Secretary-General