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We have many traditions that we’re proud of here at Kent.  Some of them are pure fun, like Rock Day, when the fifth formers climb a mountain to paint their graduation year on a huge rock and get a fair amount of paint on one another as well.  Other rituals are quite important, like Tapping, when everyone gathers in the chapel and senior leaders, all about to graduate to new academic adventures and new responsibilities, introduce their successors in the fifth form class.  There are sports traditions, like Spirit Day, an annual fall day of home athletic contests. Alumni, faculty, parents, and the whole student body get thoroughly wrapped up in this exciting weekend of activities.  Ring ceremony is an annual event where girls from the fifth form receive their class rings from sixth formers.  It’s a wonderful evening of camaraderie and fun.

These traditions are what make Kent what it is. They’ll be some of the events you most look forward to while you’re a student and some of the memories you most fondly cherish after you graduate.


These events will be updated as they happen.

Spring Fest

Terry Thoren

Rock Day

Prize Day