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Guilaine Jean-Pierre '85


My time at Kent was some of my most formative. During my three years at Kent, I played field hockey and lacrosse, and I also cross country skied; these experiences taught me camaraderie and how to function as a part of a larger whole moving toward a set goal. In addition to participating in sports, I was also a leader in the Dining Hall, making sure the dining room was set for meals and the servers were prepared. Upon graduation, I attended Williams College, class of '89, where I also played field hockey and was a Junior Advisor while serving as a class agent over the years.

Currently, I serve as the Chief Operating Officer and interim CFO for the Frallain Group, an innovative brand engine with a focus on advisory and investment in early-stage luxury brands seeking to scale. Prior to my involvement with Frallain, I spent 17 years as an executive in the Private Wealth Management Divisions at Citi and Morgan Stanley. I also served as an Executive Director at Hamilton Partners, where I provided strategic advice and services to early-stage growth organizations related to social media strategy, corporate development, commercial growth, business planning, and financing alternatives. I am a strategic advisor to First Ladies of the World (FLOW), an organization whose mission is to increase the level of access and transform the model of capital available for women and girls. I am also a member of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University Alumni Council, graduating from Fuqua in 1995. I have also served on the Board of Directors of The Jazz Gallery and The Storefront School in Harlem.