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Yes, there are classes on Saturdays and Chapel on Sundays, but weekends at Kent are also about kicking back and relaxing, even if your idea of kicking back is kicking into gear.

It seems like there’s always “organized” fun stuff going on. Maybe it’s a dance, a dorm pizza party, or a home football game. It might be a talent show, a Guitar and Dance Recital, or an organized trip to a mall. Then again, you might work on a community service project, like Habitat for Humanity, or one of your organizations could have a weekend project, for example the Theater Club working on a play.

Of course, the more spontaneous events are not to be ignored either. You and your friends might go swimming in Macedonia Brook, get ice cream in town, or head to a performance in New York City. Maybe there’s a video game competition raging in your dorm. Maybe your favorite book is calling you. (Under your favorite tree?)

Outdoor activities are another possibility. The Appalachian Trail and the Berkshires, the Housatonic River, local state parks, and a golf course are all nearby. So take your pick of heart-pounding mountain bike rides or a few lazy hours fishing. After all, it’s Kent on the weekend, so the choices are good and the choices are yours.