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Residential Life

Living at Kent is one of the best parts of learning at Kent. Surrounded by your friends and supported by your teachers, you discover how to define your own space… and share it. You learn how to always be there for a buddy, as well as how to navigate the world (and the ins and outs of Kent) for yourself. In fact, faculty members and their families live in every dorm, so you’ll always have “dorm parents” looking out for you (and yes, math tips in your pajamas are entirely possible!)

In the beginning, you’ll be matched with a roommate, maybe from as far away as South Africa, the Ukraine or Thailand. (Everybody’s impressed with how many international students choose Kent.) You’ll have internet access in your room.  Every dorm has a common room area with couches, TV, DVD, and a microwave. Some common rooms have table tennis and pool tables, too.

girl in dorm
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And you’ll always feel safe. The dorms are locked at night with Safety Officers on duty through the evening and night. If you ever have any problems, the Dorm Faculty, Dorm Head and Dorm Prefects are always there to help you out. And if you get sick, there’s a campus nurse on duty 24/7 and a doctor on-campus or on-call.

Life at Kent is healthy, too. We have a drug- and alcohol-free campus, so you’ll be in a positive environment where you can push yourself academically, explore the world spiritually, and grow personally. You’ll be living somewhere you can truly be yourself.