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Leadership Opportunities

When you become a senior, or a sixth former, as we say here at Kent, you’ll have opportunities to take on leadership roles. These are important positions in which you’ll learn how to accept and handle responsibility, manage and advise others and make fair and effective decisions. They are, in effect, the places where you start to move from being a child to being an adult.

A good example is the Senior Council. If you are one of these eleven girls and eleven boys, you’ll hold a primary leadership position at Kent. You’ll help plan school social events, represent the student body to the Administration and Head of School, and participate in student disciplinary proceedings. You’ll also lead chapel and formal dinner announcements, serve in the library, and manage the dorms.

And on the Senior Council, as with all our leadership posts, there are parallel and equal positions for both boys and girls. Of course, that’s not surprising since Kent was the first boarding school in New England to go co-ed, taking the plunge way back in the sixties. It’s a distinction we’re proud of. We feel it symbolizes the idea of leadership itself, of being in the vanguard and setting a good example.

In addition to the Senior Council, you could also be a team captain, club president, lead tech, president of the band, choir preceptor, head tour guide, hall monitor, library proctor, study hall monitor, job inspector or editor of the newspaper, literary magazine or yearbook. There are many ways to develop your leadership abilities and serve the community at Kent.