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Job Program

Since the founding of the school in 1906, it’s been a tradition for every Kent student to have a job. You might help in the Dining Hall or be a Student Technician. Maybe you’ll lead tours of the school for prospective families, snap photos for Instagram, or clean up the common room in your dorm. You might keep your same job the whole time you’re here or change it every term. These tasks can take you as little as ten to twenty minutes a day or much more.

In the beginning, you might not look forward to having a job, but over time you’ll start to realize you’re learning—learning about dependability, teamwork and self-reliance. You’ll start to see that a community needs everybody to contribute and you’ll feel proud of your part in it.

When you become a sixth former, a senior, you’ll play an even larger role in the way Kent works. With guidance from the faculty, you’ll become more of a supervisor, taking responsibility for your own work and for that of the younger students. By then you’ll understand that these assignments aren’t trivial. On the contrary, they give you and your peers a stake in how good the school looks and how well it’s run, and you’ll enjoy the satisfaction that comes from being part of a vibrant community that you help create.