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Community Service

Service is a way of life at Kent. From the founding days in the early 1900’s, it was the students who pitched in and helped the school function. That tradition has held, as every Kent student is assigned a daily or weekly job in our community. It is a tradition that reminds us to take nothing for granted on our beautiful campus. You may be assigned to wipe down tables in the dining hall after a meal or make sure the trash in the dorm is neat and tidy. You may apply to be a tour guide, peer tutor or a student tech as your school job, or assist in maintaining our herb garden, art studios, or even serve as a student photographer for social media. When we all pitch in, we make our community and our relationships stronger.  Engagement: that is what it means to be a Kent student.

Serving outside our campus is one of the most meaningful experiences you can have at Kent. You may choose to prepare and serve meals at the Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen on a Wednesday afternoon, host a Bingo Party at Morningstar Nursing Home, or care for abandoned animals at the Little Guild of St. Francis Animal Shelter. These experiences take us out of our daily life- remind us of our place in the world and our responsibility to love our neighbors as ourselves. 

Many students choose to spend a week or more on a school service trip during our spring and summer breaks, building new homes with Habitat for Humanity in Virginia, rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in Queens, teaching English in the Dominican Republic or building adobe stoves in Peru. 

Dorms and sports teams come together to serve our community as well, from coaching youth soccer and basketball teams, to hosting a campus-wide Relay for Life. Our dancers volunteer to teach a dance class for local children. These projects give students an opportunity to plan and execute an event on a large scale, and see the end-results: the last game of the 1st grade soccer season or night of fun, fundraising and building awareness about cancer research. 

Service at Kent is not required but most students participate with a club, their sport, or their dorm. Several students each year pursue and attain the President’s Volunteer Service Award, the premier volunteer awards program, all while taking a full course load and participating in sports and other activities. No matter what service program you choose, these are transformative opportunities that can be hard work but they will open your eyes and your world.