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Campus Safety

Kent is an energetic community of students, teachers and administrators whole heartedly engaged in shared experiences and traditions that prepare students for lifelong learning and meaningful participation in the world.  Teachers, dorm faculty, administrators, coaches, advisors and licensed professionals work to support and enrich student life at Kent.  

The safety and care of the Kent community is a top priority.  Kent School safety officers monitor the campus 24 hours a day on foot and by car.  The three main vehicular entrances are monitored via security camera and access to dormitories is limited by key card access to students and residents.  The School has a working partnership with a State Police Officer assigned to the Town of Kent.  We work closely with Kent’s resident state trooper to establish safety policies and practices aimed at securing the campus and providing clear instruction in the event of an emergency. Emergency drills and scenario analysis are utilized to prepare students, faculty and staff in the unlikely event of a potential crisis situation.

The School has on its staff a medical doctor, licensed therapist and nurses to tend to the health of all students.  In a boarding school environment we believe it is critical to have 24 hour / 7 days a week access to licensed health professionals, which we make possible through our Health Center located on campus.

Kent is committed to protecting our students. The School embraces a residential program that is rooted in honesty and respect, and that serves as the foundation for building individual friendships and community relationships.  All Kent School employees receive training concerning appropriate boundaries, harassment prevention, and mandatory reporting regarding suspected child abuse and/or neglect. The School is engaged in a constant dialogue to ensure every adult understands his/her responsibility to prevent and report suspicious or inappropriate behavior.  Further, the School conducts background checks on all employees upon hiring and updates the background check every three (3) years.  This background check practice also applies to all non-employee adults living on campus (i.e. employee family members living in school housing).  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our safety measures and programs, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Cataldo, CFO & Business Manager; Phone: 860-927-6046; e-mail: