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Kent School

Nutrition & Dining

In the Kent School dining hall servery

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall at Kent is a place for the entire community to gather, decompress, and nourish the body and the mind.

The Dining Hall sustains the Kent community by creating a gathering place that serves delicious food from a friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Connect With Others

Breaking bread is a common way to come together. At Kent, the dining hall is a place where community members reconvene to share meals during days spent following parallel paths.

Decompress from a Hectic Day

Seeing friendly faces together in one community space is a welcome start, middle, and end to each day. The dining hall is a place to share experiences, bond with friends, catch up with a teacher, and enjoy the moment.

Feed the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Nourishing our community through shared mealtimes is about more than providing nutrients. Healthy food choices that promote sustainability through the use of locally sourced products is a way of life at Kent. The friendly staff strives to offer a variety of food choices, including a deli, stir-fry station, salad bar, and bread options, knowing that good nutrition can bring comfort and peace.



Dining Hall Details



Dining Hall Menu

Basmati Rice
Seasonal vegetables
All beef Hot Dogs
Penne & Meatballs
Garlic Bread
Seasonal Vegetables
Vegetarian Meatballs
Scrambled Eggs w/
ham & cheese
Tater Tots
Jelly Donuts
Asian BBQ Style
Chicken Tenders
Kim Chee
Vegetable Sandwich
Beef Barbacoa
Baked Potato Bar
Green Beans
Vegan Chili 
Continental Breakfast
Continental Breakfast
Hard Boiled Eggs
Frittata or
scrambled eggs
potato pancake
Coffee Cake