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Kent School


Kent School students attending an advisory dinner


Each student at Kent has an advisor who supports every facet of the student's life at Kent, serves as their ally, and acts as the first point of contact between the School and their family.

A Kent School student meeting with their advisor

Of all of the roles each adult plays in the community, advisor is regarded as the most important.



Open Communication

Kent students form deep connections with students and adults all across campus, and the first of those connections is built with the advisor. Frequent meetings, discussions, and shared meals allow for an open dialogue between student and advisor throughout the Kent experience.

Multifaceted Connections

From academic concerns to social issues, advisors serve as confidants, guides, and advocates. Whether cheering you on during your triumphs or supporting you in moments of adversity, advisors are by your side as you learn and grow at Kent School.

A Structure of Support

The deep and rich student-advisor relationship is built upon a solid foundation of regular advisory times and one-on-one meetings. Meeting times often cover a specific agenda, and often serve as an unstructured space to connect and decompress.