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Kent School

Girls Rowing

Kent School Girls Rowing

Girls Rowing

For the last 50 years, Girls Rowing at Kent has developed a program that challenges students to be sharp physically and mentally, and to push themselves as individuals and as part of a crew.

Kent School Girls Rowing Team Photo

There are many ways to make boats move. What helps them go really fast is a rare combination of concentration, boat sense, training, technical preparation, and trust.

Skill Development & Teamwork

Girls Rowing at Kent emphasizes the fundamentals, dedication, and rowing’s distinct blend of individual performance and reliance on teammates. Rowing is a sport that gives back what an individual invests. No one succeeds in rowing without committing to training and having fun with the sweat equity required.

Leadership & Character Development

In many parts of the world, rowing is considered an elitist sport. At Kent, we aim to make rowing a community sport accessible to everyone.  We hope to be a leader in breaking down the entry barriers to broader participation in the sport.

Coach Christine Wilson

Coach Wilson brings to Kent a remarkable wealth of experience, previously serving as Head Coach of Women’s Rowing at Yale University, Assistant Women’s Coach of the U.S. Olympic Team, Head Coach of Women’s Rowing at Cornell University, Chief Coach at Oxford University Women’s Boat Club, and Senior Assistant Women’s Coach at Rowing Canada Aviron. Coach Wilson was a two-time captain of Yale Women’s Crew and named a “Pioneer in Rowing” by Power Ten of New York.

Contact Coach Wilson

Kent School Christine Wilson headshot



Girls Rowing Roster

Name Class
Kaitlyn Aliciene 2022
Katherine Armstrong 2024
Marina Cabrer 2025
Elizabeth Cobb 2024
Charlotte Cochener 2022
Hannah Cochener 2023
Sophie Cochran 2025
Carsen Currie 2023
Alexis Delmore 2022
Eleanor Eldredge 2024
Tiffany Ezeanuna 2025
Philippa Gräfin zu Ortenburg 2023
Anne Henderer 2023
Ivy Hillman 2023
Madeleine Howard 2023
Jiayi Hu 2023
Jacalyn Jagtiani 2024
Taylor Jeffrey 2022
Meredith Jenny 2022
Allyson Johnson 2022
Ella Kalmbach 2023
Elle Lafontan 2024
Clarissa Landsman 2023
Serena Lowy 2024
Samantha Maynard 2024
Ryann McDonald 2024
Nancy McLaughlin 2024
Annabelle McLean 2023
Arden Minor 2024
Tatyana Moore 2025
Liv Oyen 2022
Dorotea Parivodic 2023
Annabel Pauli 2024
Sabrina Pauli 2022
Arianna Prior 2023
Lilyana Raskind 2025
Victoria Schrameier 2023
Maya Sikora 2022
Madeleine Smith 2024
Stella Sweitzer 2025
Matilda Vinnen 2024
Averi Weninger 2023

Girls Rowing Schedule and Results

There are no events to display



Recent Success

  • NEIRA Champions, 1st boat— 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1996, 1997, 2005, 2016
  • NEIRA Champions, 2nd boat— 1985, 1986, 1987, 2002, 2005, 2015
  • NEIRA Champions, 3rd boat— 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • NEIRA Team Champions—2005, 2015
  • National Champions— 1986, 1987, 2016

Recent Alumni

College programs: KSBC alumnae go on to row at top Division I and Division III colleges.

National & international competition: KSBC alumnae have raced in the Oxford-Cambridge race, Henley Royal Regatta, Women’s Henley Regatta, Junior & Senior World Championships, and the Olympic Games.