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Kent School

Girls Lacrosse

Kent School Girls Lacrosse in a huddle

Girls Lacrosse

Kent’s Girls Lacrosse program challenges its players both physically and mentally as students, athletes, and leaders.

Kent School Girls Lacrosse Team Photo

Many Kent lacrosse athletes go on to play lacrosse at the collegiate level whether it is in Division 1 or Division 3. We are also very proud of the fact that many of our lacrosse athletes play multiple sports while at Kent, and therefore are engaged with other teams and coaches in the Fall and Winter seasons. This creates stronger teams of experienced and dedicated student-athletes.

Skill Development & Teamwork

Girls Lacrosse emphasizes constant skill development, regardless of previous experience or abilities. This ensures that as each individual becomes stronger as a player, they become more effective as a teammate.

Leadership & Character Development

As the teams work towards success on the field, they build a strong and supportive team dynamic and teach the young athletes the importance of character on and off the field.

Coach Cara Clarke

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Girls Varsity Lacrosse Roster

Name Class
Grace Backus 2024
Nina Barshai 2026
Anika Berry 2026
Elizabeth Bonner 2024
Clotilde Ceva 2024
Morgan Clarke 2024
Beale Dunne 2024
Megan Duplantie 2024
Lauren Ferrari 2024
Phoebe Foley 2023
Ann Frame 2023
Arya Gartside-Vats 2026
Ellie Grahn 2025
Mcgill Koch 2023
Hadley Lineberger 2025
Darbi Maloney 2024
Alexandra Mersfelder 2025
Elise Payne 2023
Caitlin Pierce 2024
Jennifer Purtell 2023
Kendall Shima 2025
Carlisle Sloan 2024
Isabel Stafford 2025
Isolde Triay 2024
Marion Wright 2024

Girls Varsity Lacrosse Schedule and Results



Girls JV Lacrosse Roster

Name Class
Rachel Bishop 2026
Renee Bishop 2026
Casey Brodie 2026
Dionne Burnett 2026
Mackenzie Clifford 2026
Aoife Collins 2025
Clara Cumming 2025
Lilly DeFilippo-Fry 2024
Hayden Diaferia 2025
Isabella DiNicola 2023
Gianna Espinosa 2024
Leah Heimer 2025
Skyler Kaalinagy 2026
Rachel Kahn 2024
Angel Li Yun Lin 2026
Carleton Lloyd 2025
Katherine McDonnell 2026
Zioranmachi Nwotite 2026
Olivia Piasecki 2025
Finley Rupright 2024
Linnea Saxton 2023

Girls JV Lacrosse Schedule and Results

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