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Kent School

Girls Ice Hockey

Kent School Girls Ice Hockey team celebrating on the ice

Girls Ice Hockey

For more than one hundred years, Kent School has enjoyed a successful tradition of ice hockey, with its first team dating back to 1911.  In 1986, the first girls team competed, and for nearly three decades now, young women have represented Kent on the ice.

Kent School girls hockey player moving the puck

A member of the Founders League, which is regarded as one of the highest levels of hockey competition available to high school-age players in the country, Kent gains remarkably from an incredibly strong schedule.

Skill Development & Teamwork

With an emphasis on individual player development, our girls prepare for their futures as college athletes.  Kent Hockey utilizes the most up-to-date training techniques, ranging from game video analysis to player conditioning through personalized training programs.  Player readiness is developed on the Manual D. Nadal Rink on campus and in Kent’s state-of-the-art fitness center.  What is more, our girls engage in this highly competitive playing environment, while balancing their commitment to academics and while living within a fine community of scholarship.

Leadership & Character Development

The Kent experience certainly teaches girls the critical skills of the game, but Kent Hockey prides itself on the qualities of hard-work, teamwork and leadership—those very qualities that will follow our athletes in all they endeavor beyond our campus.



Coach Sam Ftorek

Head Coach Sam Ftorek brings a wealth of coaching and playing experience to Kent School. Most recently Sam was the Head coach of the Varsity Girls Hockey program at Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire.
During his 17-year playing career, Sam played over 1,000 games in both the US and Europe. He then coached professionally for three years before stepping into schools. In his last two years coaching pro, his team led the league in number of players promoted to the next level and games played at the next level by those players. This teaching of the game and desire to improve his players on and off the ice is why schools were a logical step.
“When I was younger, I wanted to win at all costs. I sacrificed so much to achieve that and was driven to be my best,” says Sam. “It was when I was older, with the support of my family that I achieved many things I never dreamed possible. I was also able to spend more time helping my younger teammates achieve their goals. Being a mentor and positive influence over the course of a season, was more important than a single victory. To be able to have a lasting positive effect on teammates and now student-athletes is my goal here at Kent.”
“It is my great pleasure to be able to coach amazing student-athletes here at Kent. There is such a sense of pride and community here that the players have no choice but to play with passion and intensity. That is something we demand daily, but that is also the style of play they want to show their peers when attending games. The victories are felt all over campus and the smiles are contagious.”
“Kent hockey prides itself on preparing our players for the next level on and off the ice, whatever level that may be,” Sam continues. “We do this while creating a healthy but competitive environment, and working every day towards a championship.”
Sam is also a member of the Dean’s office and lives on campus with his wife Misty and their three children, Ariana, Savo, and Mason.

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Girls Varsity Hockey Roster

Name Class
Anika Berry 2026
Rachel Bishop 2026
Renee Bishop 2026
Elizabeth Bonner 2024
Clara Cumming 2025
Sophia DeFalco 2025
Beale Dunne 2024
Megan Duplantie 2024
Lauren Ferrari 2024
Syna Kikanamada 2025
Phoebe Kinsella 2027
Angel Li Yun Lin 2026
Darbi Maloney 2024
Eva Mayo 2025
Ryann McDonald 2024
Kathryn McKiernan 2026
Ainsley Moffitt 2027
Mia Montanari 2024
Caitlin Pierce 2024
Chloe Pittinaro 2026
Senna Reyes 2026
Louise Roper 2025
Sophia Rousseau 2024
Kendall Shima 2025
Jayda Wang 2026

Girls Varsity Hockey Schedule and Results



Girls JV Hockey Roster

Name Class
Julia Allen 2027
Lucy Allen 2026
Katharine Blaicher 2026
Adelina Breitenbach 2026
Casey Brodie 2026
Grace Chen 2026
Shawn Elizabeth Clarke 2027
Mackenzie Clifford 2026
Campbell Fredericks 2027
Arya Gartside-Vats 2026
Taylor Hennessey 2027
Xiaoyu Huang 2027
Jenna Janiak-Anderson 2026
Zoe Karafotas 2027
Lanna Kennedy 2024
Sophie Kroeger 2026
Hadley Lineberger 2025
Pui Yee Long 2027
Lorenza Mc Phail 2026
Logan McInnis 2027
Samantha Melograno 2026
Alexandra Mersfelder 2025
Charlotte Mimaud 2027
Lucy Ober 2027
Finley Rupright 2024
Paige Saunders 2027
Carlisle Sloan 2024
Adeline Smith 2025
Isabel Stafford 2025
Samantha Vargas 2026
Abigail Victory 2027
Qifan Wei 2024
Emily Yu 2026

Girls JV Hockey Schedule and Results