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Girls Basketball

Kent School girls basketball player

Girls Basketball

The objective for the Kent Girls’ Basketball Program is no less than to become the best blend of on-court excellence and academic distinction in the country.  While the design of the program is to prepare young women to succeed at the college level—athletically, academically, and socially—it is also to help prepare these young women for not just the next four years of college but for the rest of their lives.

Kent School Girls Basketball team photo

Every decision concerning our basketball family—from determining the composition of our teams, to practice and game organization, to the development of relationships among players and coaches—is fully grounded in our Statement of Philosophy: “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” - Rudyard Kipling


Skill Development & Teamwork

We believe that the foundation of any successful group, from a family to a basketball team, is trust.  Indeed, as members of a team spend more time during a season with each other than with anyone else, and as a team is regularly confronted with obstacles that they can only overcome together, a team is in fact a family.

Leadership & Character Development

Within the team are countless opportunities for players to explore the aspects of leadership and character growth that help the individual as well as the team.

Coach Jason Coulombe

Having coached young men the game of basketball for nearly a quarter century, Jason Coulombe excitedly accepted the offer to take the reins of Kent's girls program in February 2020.

Throughout his 25-plus years in prep school education, Coach Coulombe has held a variety of administrative positions at various schools, from Dean of Students to Assistant Head of School. He has also taught in the classroom, with his primary focus being Black American Studies, a course he still teaches at Kent.

But there is nothing for which he has more passion than mentoring young people through the game of basketball. In the ten years that he and his wife, Teri Freeman, led our boys’ program from 2008 through 2018, the program recorded the most victories in the large-school classification of the NEPSAC, the country’s most competitive basketball league, winning the New England title in 2010; and 62 of his teams’ members went on to compete athletically at academically rigorous college and universities, with some developing into professional players.

“After stepping down from leading our boys’ program in 2018, my head and heart were never far from the game I love,” said Coach Coulombe. “So I’m grateful to the School for asking me to lead our wonderful girls’ program and to have the opportunity to return it to the top of the NEPSAC.” Coach Coulombe emphasizes that his top priority as the leader of Kent Girls Basketball is to ensure that the team members are always aware of our purpose and are constantly reinforcing our family’s culture.

“Our purpose is clear—to prepare our young women to truly thrive, not just for the next four years of their lives after Kent, but for the rest of their lives. While the majority of our young women will go on to compete athletically in college and even beyond, our primary job as coaches is to help them find and embrace their true selves, supporting one another along the way.”

Coach Coulombe currently serves as Kent’s Dean of Community Life. His wife, Teri, serves as the Enrollment Coordinator in the Admissions Office.

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Girls Varsity Basketball Roster

Name Class
Dana Burnett 2025
Panayiota Chrysanthopoulos 2025
Phoena Dadson 2024
Brennan Doran 2024
Dymond Johnson 2024
Morgan Johnson 2025
Nora Lennon 2027
Grace Libby 2025
Agar Malek 2026
Arden Minor 2024
Yin Wang Ng 2024
Kaya Nuttall 2026

Girls Varsity Basketball Schedule and Results

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Girls JV Basketball Roster

Name Class
Erith Abbey 2026
Emily Bell 2025
Scarlet Carrara 2024
Lainie Hellyar 2024
Haruka Imaizumi 2026
Nazuk Pari Khaliqi 2026
Kayla Otoo 2026
Tanyapa Phihakendr 2026
Negah Royan 2024
Inara Sadiqi 2024
Athena Tang 2027

Girls JV Basketball Schedule and Results

There are no events to display