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Kent School

Boys Tennis

Kent School Boys Tennis

Boys Tennis

Whether an experienced player seeking a high level of competition or a novice seeking to refine your fundamentals, Kent School Tennis is equipped to guide you in your growth.

Kent School Boys Tennis Team Photo

Blending the individual and the team, Kent Tennis instills in each player a sense of personal responsibility and an appreciation for the greater good.

Skill Development & Teamwork

Kent Tennis strives to develop varsity-level interscholastic athletes by focusing on learning the fundamentals, working together as a cohesive team and having fun.

Leadership & Character Development

Alongside tennis techniques, Kent Tennis players focus on integrity, sportsmanship, and collegiality, ensuring Kent's teams are composed of servant leaders, and engaged, empathetic citizens.



Coach Tom Hunt

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Boys Varsity Tennis Schedule and Results



Boys JV Tennis Roster

Name Class
Nash Cassidy-Teti 2026
Shea Cassidy-Teti 2026
Tin Lap Matthew Chow 2025
Gabriel Costales 2026
Nicholas Davis 2027
Nicholas Georges 2027
Viggo Goldberg 2026
Zheng Gong 2027
Naidan Gongor 2027
Patrick Luo 2025
Oliver McMullan 2027
Robert Ober 2024
Ethan Wu 2027
Johnson Ye 2026
Shiyuan Zhang 2025
Tianrui Zhang 2027
Zeyu Zhang 2026
Haoyang Zhu 2024

Boys JV Tennis Schedule and Results



Boys Thirds Tennis Roster

Name Class
Jex Arguello 2027
Amedeo Brugger 2027
Henry Destino 2026
Luke Dow 2025
Alvin Hao 2026
Pearse Kintzel 2026
Tak Lim Leung 2027
Kevin Luo 2027
Sacha Reyes 2026

Boys Thirds Tennis Schedule and Results