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Kent School

Boys & Girls Diving

Kent School Diving

Boys & Girls Diving

Swimming and diving at Kent bring a team approach to individual sports, helping students understand their role in something greater than themselves.

Kent School Diving 2

Becoming the best as an individual athlete and collectively as a team can only be achieved by discipline, hard work, and at times, self-sacrifice. 

Skill Development & Teamwork

Kent Swimming aims to grow each individual through emphasis on teamwork.  While talent is important, each athlete’s dedication to his teammates is what builds motivation, chemistry and integrity, ultimately providing the platform upon which the individuals can thrive.

Leadership & Character Development

Practice is more than rigorous drylands and swimming set after set in order to get into shape. It is where leaders are born. It is where lifelong relationships are formed.  It is where the differences in our swimmers’ diverse backgrounds blur and one cohesive unit emerges as the focus is narrowed to common goals.  It is where character is built and impressed not only as a means to faster swimming, but to maturing into better citizens on and off the pool deck.



Boys & Girls Varsity Diving Roster

Name Class
Madeline Csendes 2026
Benjamin Lowy 2024

Boys & Girls Varsity Diving Schedule and Results

School Records

Event Name Score Year
1 Meter Dive - 6 Dives

Boys: Ben Lowy
Girls: Deans



1 Meter Dive - 11 Dives

Boys: Ben Lowy
Girls: Mulvey