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Kent School

Boys Squash

Kent School Boys Squash U.S. Champions

Boys Squash

Kent School's squash journey to national champions is built upon the dedication, hard work, team spirit, and skill of our players.

Kent School Boys Squash Champions

We help our students become the very best players they can be while keeping practices fun and engaging.

Skill Development & Teamwork

Squash is a sport where a committed athlete can learn the game and achieve varsity status during his tenure at Kent. Squash is very much a game for life, an activity that can be learned readily with accrued rewards for as long as one remains active in the sport.

Leadership & Character Development

Team members look forward to getting on the courts and take pride in improving their skills as they compete in one of the most challenging conferences in New England. Our players understand that aside from a desire to do their very best, they are expected

Coach Nikhil Seth

Whether you are new to the sport, or already have prior experience, I look forward to introducing you to our program. If you have not done so already, please contact the Admissions Office to make an appointment to tour our campus, visit our squash facility, and meet with some of our students and faculty.

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Boys Varsity Squash Roster

Name Class
Lucas Bitar 2025
Gabriel Costales 2026
Aaron Guan 2023
Roberto Jay 2024
Charles Kenny 2025
Faazil Khan 2025
Sean Kiernan 2024
Kieran Mattessich 2025
Stefano Mattessich 2026
Youssef Mohamed 2025
Yunwei Qiu 2026
Hollis Robertson 2023
Hayden Santry 2026
Viraj Shah 2023
Lachlan Sutton 2023
Dominic Wilson 2025
Luke Wilson 2025
Kairui Zhou 2024

Boys Varsity Squash Schedule and Results



Boys JV Squash Roster

Name Class
Oliver Chan 2025
Otis Chan 2026
Chun Yan Cheng 2024
William Drebitko 2023
Samuel Ming Ze Lee 2023
David Leung 2023
Nathan Leung 2023
Thomas Parlatore 2024
Lucas Peacock 2024
Luca Rodolfo 2024
Jonathan Shen 2024
Diego Vazquez del Mercado Santos 2025
Birchard Wyatt 2025
Jimin Yu 2023
Kevin Yu 2023
Dennis Zeng 2025

Boys JV Squash Schedule and Results



Boys Thirds Squash Roster

Name Class
Osman Abaza 2024
Sam Booth 2024
Tin Lap Matthew Chow 2025
Arthur Illidge 2025
Brandon Zhou 2026

Boys Thirds Squash Schedule and Results