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Kent School

Boys & Girls Golf

A golf ball on the green

Boys & Girls Golf

Kent Golf is an excellent experience, whether you are a competitive low handicap player, looking to reach that level, or just looking to improve at this exciting game.

Kent School Golf team photo

Kent Golf practices and competes at Bulls Bridge Golf Club and enjoys access to PGA-certified training professionals and excellent facilities—a definite advantage for the team.

Skill Development & Teamwork

Kent School has recently renovated our indoor space into a complete team practice area. The focal point of the space is our newly acquired TrackMan system, which gives us year-round practice capabilities, excellent usable data to develop your game, and full simulator capability. This space is accessible to team members all year, and the entire space is a practice putting surface. We have our own outdoor practice range on campus as well, complete with a tee line with nine top-of-the-line hitting platforms, and two large practice bunkers. A practice putting surface is in the works, and once that is complete we will have everything that we need right here at home.

Leadership & Character Development

Practice sessions for Kent Golf involve a combination of short-game work on the practice green, long-game development on the practice range, and pulling the physical and mental components of a good game together out on the course. 

Coach Jeremy Sokolnicki

We are committed to allowing each student who wishes to improve as a golfer the opportunity to do so at the level that best suits his or her abilities. Our sub-varsity team, and the developing players in the program who are not quite ready for competition, remain focused on improvement and gaining mental confidence, while our Varsity team is focused on competing at the highest level possible. Open movement within the program is always possible, where sub-varsity players may challenge their way into a varsity position with demonstrated merit.

If you have not already, I encourage you to make an appointment with the Admissions Office to visit our campus and meet our students. 

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Varsity Golf Roster

Name Class
James Blaydes 2024
Sam Booth 2024
Yun Kiu Tiffany Chan 2022
Jackson Chilson 2022
Ethan Chiweshe 2024
Philip Choi 2022
Denver Damphousse 2024
Nolan Drnek 2025
Luca Alfonso Dukcevich 2022
Zhihan Gao 2023
Ryan Garcia 2023
Hank Hannan 2024
Michael Hurst 2022
Heath Jervis 2025
Rachel Kahn 2024
William Kirkiles 2024
Ishwara Lowtan 2025
Theodore Mallgrave 2024
Caroline McGuinness 2023
Kai Mencel 2024
Benjamin Michaud Bang 2022
Samuel Pfefferle 2024
Braden Pohlman 2024
Eli Rice 2022
Hollis Robertson 2023
Geer Stewart 2022
Sorawit Tantisaree 2022
Ian Trabuco 2022
Eli Weinberger 2023
Christopher Yang 2025

Varsity Golf Schedule and Results

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JV Golf Roster

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JV Golf Schedule and Results

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