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Girls Varsity Squash

Message from the Coach

In 2017, we unveiled the new, state-of-the-art Kent Squash Facility with eight international courts, two of which are exhibition courts. These new courts are exquisite, inspiring, and readily accessible to our girls on campus. 

Kent Squash encourages girls to match their intense individual efforts to their deep caring for the team; the self-discipline and camaraderie that results from striking that balance is remarkable. Squash is a lifetime sport, and our girls will learn to treasure it and the friendships they develop on our courts for years to come.

Squash uniquely combines skill, strategy, and stamina. The fast-twitch muscle development, strategic focus, and endurance that squash cultivates will improve our girls’ overall performance in any sport they play outside squash. The determination and work-ethic required to excel at the sport carries over into the classroom as well.

Some players arrive at Kent School ready to dominate the league. However, many will take their first swings of a racquet on our courts. Whether you’re a tournament player or a complete novice, we have a spot for you in our program. Our goal is to provide a safe, constructive atmosphere, and to assist our athletes in reaching the next level: this can include playing at a top-tier collegiate program, or simply moving-up one step on our ladder.  

Coach Ross graduated from The Hotchkiss School and Cornell University where she was a varsity athlete throughout her time at both schools. At Cornell, she was the captain of Varsity Women’s Squash. After Cornell, she returned to Hotchkiss to join the admissions team and coach. At Kent, Annie lives with her family in a campus dorm, works in admissions, and is the head coach for the girls’ varsity squash and volleyball teams.

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