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Girls Varsity Basketball

Message from the Coach

Kent School provides a rich array of experiences that promote character development. Sports, for example, help young people test their physical and emotional limits; learn to communicate clearly and effectively, even when under pressure; figure out how to self-manage their time and resources; and answer such critical questions as, “Can I hit the big shot?” and perhaps more importantly, “What happens if I miss?”

The Girls Varsity Basketball program stresses three things that promote both personal development and team growth: preparation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. At the varsity level, preparation starts long before tryouts and remains a top priority throughout the season. Preparation encompasses things like being fit and agile, honing individual skills, drilling both offensive and defensive plays, and understanding game situations.  Most importantly as student-athletes, maintaining off-court responsibilities like eating well and meeting all academic and other school commitments are just as important and essential to our team’s success.

Almost every situation in basketball, from running an offense to defending an in-bounds play, requires intricate teamwork. That’s why we practice diligently… and balance our schedule with fun activities like team meals and drills sessions with young players.

The word sportsmanship is often associated with actions like helping a fallen player up or shaking hands after the game. Such gestures, while important, merely scratch the surface of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship means demonstrating respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials. And the ultimate sign of respect is to compete, at all times, to the best of your ability.

Playing Girls Varsity Basketball at Kent requires preparation and teamwork plus skill, athleticism, and dedication. I encourage you to visit our campus, meet our students, and remember to always, “live it, love it, and give it all you’ve got!”

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