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Girls JV Lacrosse


We are committed to allowing each student who wishes to compete in sports a chance to do so at the level that best suits his or her abilities. So at Kent, you will see students of all ages playing at all levels and deriving the same benefit of interscholastic competition as their varsity-level counterparts. Our sub-varsity interscholastic teams have different models of participation from the varsity level. We do this on purpose since our priorities in JV and 3rds are different - in addition to competing well, we strive to develop varsity-level interscholastic athletes by focusing on learning the fundamentals, working together as a cohesive team and having fun.

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Roster for Girls JV Lacrosse
Name Year
Eyiwunmi Ajao 2021
Chuyi Chen 2020
Rebecca Cohn 2021
Sophia Darras 2022
Anjolie Doan 2021
Neena Ebanks 2021
Yiqing Fan 2021
Meagan Flynn 2019
Olivia Leary 2021
Ziqing Li 2021
Ziqi Liu 2021
Minyoung Park 2021
Charlotte Pompa 2022
Lily Scofield 2022
Yitong Shen 2019
Emily Yemington 2021
Richard Chang 2020
William Hughes 2023
Jaemin Kim 2020
Kevin Otoo 2022
Edmund Steeves 2020
Taesung Kim 2022
Joseph Purtell 2021
Giao Bui 2021
Enoch Appiah 2021
Nathan Benjamin 2023
Zachary Bloxam 2023
Zhao Yu Chen 2020
Jackson Chilson 2022
Dae Hoon Chung 2021
Graham Dietz 2021
Matisse Dubois-Pelerin Sanz 2023
Cameron Erber 2021
Zachary Garrant 2021
Julian Gay 2023
Aaron Guan 2023
Hank Hannan 2023
Zain Khan 2022
Salim Kheireddine 2020
Samuel Ming Ze Lee 2023
Philip Camuto 2022
Tzung-Ying Hsieh 2021
Riley LeBlanc 2021
Seungwan Lee 2020
Jack Lyman 2021
Braeden McCabe 2023
Chinh Nguyen 2020
Bao Pham 2022
Nicholas Pollak 2021
Brendan Stewart 2021
Harrison Stockdale 2022
Zachary Thoma 2020
Eric Zhang 2022
Jose Garcia Gomez 2021
No schedule has been posted yet. Please check back soon.