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Boys Varsity Squash

Message from the Coach

I first started playing squash in England while attending Oxford University. I found it to be an intriguing game that requires stamina, flexibility, fast movement, and powerful and accurate shot-making.

As a USPTA certified tennis instructor and experienced squash coach I have become most familiar with the fundamentals and strategies of squash and seek to develop our players to their highest potential. Some of our JV players have not held a squash racquet before coming to Kent, yet after being grounded in basics of the game they progress their way up the ladder - many advancing to the varsity level.

In this respect, squash is a sport where a committed athlete can learn the game and achieve varsity status during his tenure at Kent.  Some of our players have been able to compete successfully at the college level, even becoming captains and leaders of their collegiate squads. Squash is very much a game for life, an activity that can be learned readily with accrued rewards for as long as one remains active.  I try to help our students become the very best players they can, while making practices as fun as possible: I want my team members to look forward to getting on the courts and to take pride in improving their skills as they compete in one of the most challenging conferences throughout New England. My players also understand that aside from a desire to do their very best, they are expected to demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship and respect both for the game and their opponents.



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