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Message from the Coach

Emerging from the tunnel crossing Route 341 and seeing the edge of Mount Algo expanding into view, hearing the Macedonia Brook run past the Appalachian Trail, you immediately recognize that Kent Lacrosse players are blessed with one of the most beautiful spots in the country to play lacrosse.

On game day, the excitement of competing in one of the most challenging and highly contested leagues in the country begins with players engaged in their pre-game rituals around the Springs Center for Athletics and Activities. Some players are shooting outside, some are sitting listening to music in the recently renovated locker room, some players show their excitement while others are more introverted. All the players know that soon they will walk through the tunnel and emerge confident in the fact that they have done everything they possibly could to be prepared for the challenges that await them on the field.

Sid Jamieson, long-time coach at Bucknell and for the Iroquois National team, told me that the Iroquois believed that the sport of lacrosse was a gift from the Creator as a way for the young people of their tribes to demonstrate their abilities. If the athletes play well it honors their creator. In 1971, Don Gowan created the lacrosse program at Kent and decades of young men at Kent have been honoring his legacy by playing the sport with a high level of intensity and passion. Coach Gowan put sportsmanship ahead of sport and the education of the whole person above the development of one aspect.

The coaches in the Kent Lacrosse program take pride in preparing their players for the challenges that lie beyond high school. What may lie ahead…a college lacrosse career that includes winning three national championships, a career as an engineer for a player that once was intimidated to take an introductory physics class, a college coaching career or maybe a career as an artist who also helped start a lacrosse program in Europe. The Kent Lacrosse Program and Kent School prepare students to seek excellence on both sides of the tunnel. Excellence while you are at Kent and in your many endeavors after your Kent career.

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