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Boys Varsity Cross-Country

Boys Cross country

Fall 2021 Includes both Varsity and JV Cross-Country students

Message from the Coach

The Boys Cross Country team is building on the strengths of last season, represented by a diverse, enthusiastic, and committed group of young men in record number this season. Kent has nurtured many excellent runners in our recent past, young men known throughout the league for their natural talent, exceptional conduct, and race-day accomplishments. They were respected by other teams, and they have left a legacy that others are taking hold of now. Currently we are building new legacies, with the returning Founders League Champion in our midst, and a talented group of harriers always prepared for what the day puts in their path.

We strive to get as many people interested in running as we can. Running is an adventure. While very much a team sport, running can be a singular experience in many ways. For those who enjoy pushing themselves, setting goals and working hard to reach them, getting out into nature and moving fast, cross country is the perfect endeavor. Running is a lot of fun, and we want to share that with people.

Our team enjoys a great variety of resources at our disposal. We have amazing trails right on and near campus, with parks, dirt roads, and mountains all around. Our home course is one of the most challenging in New England, built by hand, and certainly one of the most beautiful and natural. Our workouts are varied and interesting. Hills, distance, speed, technique drills, form work, core strengthening. We try to cover everything in moderation. With a strong but well-spaced racing schedule, the boys can train properly, and have ample time to prepare for each race without the risk of over-racing. This season, we are looking forward to continued success and enjoyment!

Running presents an opportunity to test oneself, push limits, and excel. I hope to instill a passion and enthusiasm for the sport in the young men who join the Kent team. Running has added great balance to my life, and I am routinely reminded by Kent alumni of the enjoyment that their seasons with the team have brought them, and the strong memories that remain with them far into the future. The thrill of the race, the challenge of the workout, the good friends and the great times are what running is all about. Competing well is a nice bonus!

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Roster for Boys Varsity Cross-Country
Name Year
Osman Abaza 2024
Grant Bitman 2024
Isaac Chen 2022
Shivshankar Chennattu 2023
Yuanqin Dai 2022
Xiaonian Feng 2024
Jacob Garcia 2023
Sam Hecker 2023
Jiaqi Hua 2023
Zhi Huang 2025
Zile Huang 2024
Edward Lilly 2025
Patrick Luo 2025
Finn McDonnell 2023
Padraig McNamara 2022
Thomas Parlatore 2024
Lucas Peacock 2024
Logan Pronovost 2022
Wael Salem 2022
Langwei Shi 2023
Jiahe Song 2023
Zequn Song 2022
Anamu Uenishi 2022
Arthur Wang 2024
Chuan Hsi Wu 2023
Jack Yang 2024
Zihao Yin 2023
Hanjiang Yu 2022
Kevin Yu 2023
Yuanming Zhao 2025
John Zimmerman 2023
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Date Time Opponent Location Result Score
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