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When you come to Kent, you’ll see examples of student art everywhere. Maybe you’ll see colorful wooden sculptures in the lawn near the Admissions Office or notice paintings of desserts installed by the servery of the dining hall. Perhaps you will notice the student murals filling the walls in the Modern Languages Department directly inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt, Pierre Bonnard, and Diego Rivera. During your tour of the gym, you may also notice the exciting sports photography created by our students.

Our students are recognized far beyond our community. Each year their drawings, paintings, photography, architectural designs, and sculptures receive awards at the Scholastic Art Awards. In 2015 and 2016, Kent students won gold medals for the Scholastic Art Awards at the state level and gold and silver medals at the national level in drawing and sculpture.

It makes you realize how varied the visual art courses are at Kent.

As professional, exhibiting artists, our faculty will teach you a range of skills and techniques, but also encourage you to think critically and develop your own style and creative vision. Since art can be inspired by all facets of life, our students are often challenged to create work directly inspired by another academic discipline, whether it is sculpture to theology or painting to history or drawing to biology.

Art courses make use of the latest technology, too. Photography students use high-tech work stations to digitally manipulate photos. To support these efforts, the Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is available to everyone on campus in the state-of-the-art Mac lab in Hoerle Hall.

In addition to the courses you can take, you may also enjoy participating in our open studio activity. This activity gives you two hours of uninterrupted time to delve deeply into your creative process. This has become a great oasis for our talented students; therefore, we often offer open studio on Saturday evenings as well.

Contact Jenna Lynch, Art Department Chair