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Exploration & Expression

The Kent experience is about self-discovery. And there’s no better way to show the world what you find than through the arts. If you come to Kent as an accomplished actor, artist, musician, singer or dancer, you’ll be immersed in an environment designed to truly optimize your talent and help you grow as a performer and creator. If you’ve never touched clay, paint or an instrument before, you’ll be welcomed into a vibrant artistic community and amazed by the power of creativity.

You will be instructed by a staff of talented professional artists, who are not only masters of techniques across many disciplines, but also of the philosophy that everyone has an artist within. Regularly, highly science- or math-minded students, serious athletes, or kids who simply thought they were not creative decide to participate in an art or theater course and discover talent and passion they never knew they had—and have lots of fun they never would have had.

At Kent, art instruction might happen in oils or pixels, on canvas or on a laptop, inside a classroom or outside, in visual arts, dance, drama or music.

In addition to hands-on studio instruction, visiting artists, performers and alumni are invited to campus to present lectures, master classes, demonstrations and seminars. There are field trips to museums and galleries. Kent’s Performing Arts and Lecture Series brings world-class performers to campus all year long. There are frequent concerts and plays, an exceptional arts and literature magazine, and the hallways act as a gallery featuring ever-rotating exhibitions of student work across all styles and media.

Whether you dedicate yourself entirely to artistic pursuits, or like the idea of taking a drawing class just for fun, you’ll learn to take a creative approach that will not only serve you in your other studies, but in life.