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The Reverend Frederick H. Sill, O.H.C. Society

Fr. Frederick H. Sill founded Kent on three fundamental principles—Simplicity of Life, Directness of Purpose, and Self Reliance. These principles have successfully guided our School community for more than a century. 

As a tribute to our Founder, the Alumni Council established The Reverend Frederick H. Sill, O.H.C. Society in 2006. The Sill Society recognizes Kent alumni/ae whose personal achievement and distinguished service bring honor and distinction to themselves and Kent School, especially in terms of how such achievement and service significantly impact and beneficially radiate to the larger community, nation, or world. All Alumni/ae of Kent are eligible for consideration, except for those currently serving on the Board of Trustees, the Alumni Council or as an employee of the School. 

The Sill Society Committee will consider nominations annually. For more information about submitting a nomination, please contact Christina Cumberton by phone (860-927-6262)or by email  Thank you.

*Sill Society 2023 Nomination Form

Sill Society Nomination Guidelines

2022 Sill Society Inductee Announcement 



Claiborn (Clai) Carr III 1964

E. Tyler Crone 1991

Dr. Heidi Larson 1975

Seth MacFarlane 1991

Major General P. (Drax) Williams 1957


John J. Maresca 1955

Terry Thoren 1971 

William H. Turner III 1958 


Robert F. Ober Jr. 1954

Caroline L. Mastin Welsh 1966

John P. Williams Jr. 1959*


Anthony S. Abbott 1953

James E. (Ted) Bassett 1941

David de Ferranti 1963


Gordon Alexander Millspaugh Jr. 1952*


Philip D. Wilson Jr. 1938*


Richard M. Locksley 1966
Montgomery Wray Witten 1966*


The Rev. Frederick B. ‘Ted’ Howden 1921*
Sidney N. Towle 1931*


Dr. Craig C. Black 1950 *
Alexandra Davis DiPentima 1971
Flemming G. Graae 1967
Bertie W. Deming Heiner 1967
The Rev. Dr. R. Channing Johnson 1946


Thomas E. Bowman III 1937*
John N. Brooks Jr. 1938*
Howard P. Hart 1958
Stephanie S. Nyombayire 2004
H. Rutherford Turnbull 1955


Dr. John S. Meyer 1941*
Mr. John C. Read 1965


Schuyler V. Cammann 1931*
Harold C. Pachios 1955
Ilhi Synn 1958
Bruno H. Zimm 1938*


O. Benson Davis 1942*
Vine Deloria Jr. 1951 *
Donald K. Gowan II 1966 *
Serge A. Schmemann 1963
John A. Shaw 1957
Marie L. Yovanovitch 1976


Samuel Bartlett 1918*
Steffen Graae 1958*
Draper Kauffman 1929*
John MacGaffin 1958


Jacob D. Beam 1924 *
Graham E. Fuller 1955
Peter D. Pelham 1948 *
W. Halsey Wood 1910*

Memorial Inductees of 2006

William H. Armstrong (Hon) 1948
Oliver Butterworth 1933
Hadley Case 1929
Arthur Collins 1948
Peter H. Conze 1938
James G. Cozzens 1922
Rowland Evans 1939
Edward T. Gushee 1912
Robert S. Hillyer 1913
Charles P. Kindleberger 1928
Worthington C. Miner 1917
Henry Stebbins Noble 1934
DeWitt Peterkin Jr. 1933
John B. Rawls 1939
Dominic W. Rich 1914
Reverend Lawrence Rose 1919
Roger Sessions 1911
Cyrus R. Vance 1935
Thomas D. Walker 1919

Inaugural Inductees of 2006

Trevor Armbrister 1952*
Theodore F. Brophy 1941
Laurada Beacham Byers 1966
William E. Sonntag 1968

* deceased