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 Reunion Weekend May 15-17, 2020  - Tentative Schedule*


Friday, May 15

1-6 pm              Registration

1-3 pm              Open Classes and Campus Tours

1-5 pm              Open Library and Tour of Pre-E Building

3-5 pm              Open Practices and Open Rehearsals

1-4 pm              School Store Open

6:30 pm             Class Dinners – Area Restaurants


Saturday, May 16

9-5 pm              Registration

9-10 am            Kent Authors’ Corner

9-4 pm              School Store Open

9-10 am            Campus Tours

9-10 am            Class Visits

10-10:45 am     Student Panel

11-12:30 pm     Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

12:30-2 pm       Reunion Celebration Lunch

2-5 pm              Bell Ringing

                        Athletic Games

                        Self-Guided Hike - Holcombe Trail

                        Record Your Memories

                        Pre-E Building Tour

6pm                 All Class Cocktail Reception / Class Photos

7-10:30 pm       Reunion Dinner Dance


Sunday, May 17

All are invited to attend a Chapel Service followed by brunch in the dining hall.

*All events and times are subject to change.