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Finding Her Voice: Celebrating 60 Years of Women at Kent

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This event has concluded. Watch a recording of the event here.


One in a series of events this year to celebrate the women of Kent. 

Since the opening of the Hill campus in 1960, Kent women have left an undeniable mark on the world. To celebrate that legacy, join us for an event on January 10th featuring a panel discussion from alumnae trailblazers spanning the generations: Gwendolyn M. Parker ’68, Michelle Hanlon ’83, and Carolina Paiz ’98. The discussion will be moderated by Trustee, Dr. Heidi Stultz Brooks ’86.


Heidi Stultz brooks

Heidi Brooks ’86

Heidi Brooks ’86 teaches and advises on the subject of everyday leadership: the everyday micro-moments of impact that shape our lived experiences. Creating more courageous communities—especially within organizations—is a particular passion of hers. Dr. Brooks specializes in large-scale culture change projects focused on individual and collective leadership effectiveness in organizations. Interpersonal Dynamics, the MBA elective she has taught for 15 years, is one of the courses most in demand at Yale School of Management. Recently, Dr. Brooks pioneered the Everyday Leadership course at SOM, where she first taught the Principles of Everyday Leadership. She has also taught Emotional Intelligence, Power & Politics, Managing Teams and Groups, and Coaching Skills for Managers. Dr. Brooks received her doctorate in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree from Brown University. A life-long experiential learner, you can find her as a student in classrooms as far-ranging as improvisational theater and immersion language lessons.




Gwen Parker

Gwendolyn M. Parker ’68

Gwendolyn M. Parker ’68 graduated from Harvard and the New York University School of Law with a focus on taxation. She worked as a corporate attorney on Wall Street and later American Express before leaving the daily practice of law to become a writer, publishing two books: These Same Long Bones (1994) and Trespassing: My Sojourn in the Halls of Privilege (1997). Her most recent career has been writing and producing television dramas such as Law and Order: SVU, CSI Miami, Without a Trace, NCIS: New Orleans, and most recently Genius: Aretha.

Michelle Hanlon



Michelle Hanlon ’83

Michelle is Co-Director of the Air and Space Law Program at the University of Mississippi School of Law and its Center for Air and Space Law. She is a Co-Founder and President of For All Moonkind, Inc., a nonprofit corporation that is the only organization in the world focused on protecting human cultural heritage in outer space. For All Moonkind has been recognized by the United Nations as a Permanent Observer to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Michelle is also the Executive Vice President of the National Space Society, chair of its International Committee and the mentor to the newly-formed National Space Society Legal Fellows program. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Space Law, the world’s oldest law journal dedicated to the legal problems arising out of human activities in outer space and the Faculty Advisor for its sister publication, the Journal of Drone Law and Policy. A 1983 graduate of Kent School, Michelle received her B.A. in Political Science from Yale College and her J.D. magna cum laude from the Georgetown University Law Center. She earned her LLM in Air and Space Law from McGill University. Prior to focusing on aviation and space law, Michelle was engaged in a private business law practice. Michelle continues to provide advice and counsel in respect of all aspects of air, space and cyber law through the consulting firm of ABH Aerospace, LLC.

Caroline Paiz


Carolina Paiz '98

Growing up in Guatemala during the civil war, Carolina spent much of her time indoors, reading and watching cable TV. At age of 15, she left Guatemala to attend boarding school in Kent, Connecticut. She went on to attend Tulane University, where she majored in Creative Writing and Latin American Studies. Carolina eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in screenwriting. Her first writing gig was on Grey’s Anatomy, where she learned the TV ropes as the show was at the height of its popularity. She later went on to work on all four major networks for a variety of dramas and dramedies. For the last five years, Carolina has been working at Netflix, first on Narcos, and most recently serving as a writer and Executive Producer on Netflix’s most watched series: Orange is the New Black. On the feature end, she co-wrote and produced La Hora Cero, a top grossing Venezuelan film directed by husband and frequent collaborator, Diego Velasco. Currently under an overall deal at Netflix, Carolina is developing an original series with Executive Producer Jenji Kohan. Carolina lives in Los Angeles with her aforementioned husband, their two kids, two dogs, and a cat who thinks he’s a dog.