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Kent School


Group of Kent School alumni posing for a reunion photo

Welcome Alumni!

I am both excited and humbled to serve as your Alumni Council President. Although my time thus far on the Alumni Council has been worthwhile, my path to serving on it was not the traditional one.

After graduating in 1998, I could not say that I was actively involved with Kent, an attendee of alumni events, or a donor. Apart from my deep bonds with a tightly knit network of classmates, my only other connection to the school was taking detours back to campus with my two young daughters on route to visit their Nana who lives ten minutes away. Their admiration of the school’s beauty and envisioning themselves living on campus kept luring us back. 

Kent School Alumni Council member Aisha Simpson Williams '98

Since becoming more involved with Kent, my voice is being heard in ways I am not so sure it was while I was a student. It is with that understanding of feeling like your voice won’t make a difference, in which I am able to relate to those who do not feel closely connected to the school. My hope is to bring those voices back to Kent because they do make a difference. They matter to the students who want to learn from their alumni network and to the administration that want to make Kent the best it can be. 

Recent challenges have made the need for a strong support network all the more important. We are fortunate to consist of a community of various backgrounds, experiences, and expertise. We are healthcare professionals, service members, first responders, and educators on the front lines; business owners and parents of remote learners trying to make it through each day; and neighbors and friends fighting for social justice. We all add value. We all have purpose. 

In partnership with my Alumni Council members, we particularly enjoy learning about our alumni body, your accomplishments, and the ways in which you are making a difference. The Alumni Council is working to create more opportunities to connect alumni to Kent and bring more voices and perspectives to the forefront of our community through virtual engagements, educational programming, and career networking. 

In the meantime, please be sure to update your contact information and check out our current engagement opportunities: 

  • Volunteers & Class Agents: Engaging and connecting with alumni to encourage their support of Kent, and working with young alumni to develop ways to make Kent relevant and rewarding for our newest generation of future alumni leaders.
  • Events: Participating in local and global events to engage the Kent community in meaningful conversations related to educational, family, social, and networking programming.
  • Alumni Recognition: Paying tribute to the accomplishments and contributions of Kent alumni through the Reverend Frederick H. Sill, O.H.C. Society and other recognition platforms under development

I am honored to serve as your President with Robin Insley ’83 as Vice President, Amanda Ward ’08 as Secretary, and such dynamic members of the Alumni Council. 

Aisha Simpson Williams ‘98 
Alumni Council President