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Kent School

Visit Kent

Visiting Kent

Kent prides itself on its welcoming community, beautiful campus, and stunning natural surroundings. Come and visit us!

To ensure the most rewarding visit to campus, families considering applying to Kent School must first complete the inquiry form.


Distances from nearby airports

White Plains Airport — 53 miles (est. 1 hours)
Bradley Airport — 57 miles (est. 1.5 hours)
LaGuardia Airport — 80 miles (est. 2 hours)
JFK Airport — 87 miles (est. 2 hours)
Newark Airport — 99 miles (est. 2 hours)

Livery services in the Kent area

KEE Limousine/I'll Drive Livery: 800-ILL-DRIV or 860-354-1712
Berkshire Livery: 860-567-8769
All Transportation Network: 800-258-9879
Executive Livery: 877-854-8379

Taxis for local trips

Dover Plains Taxi: 845-877-4747
Lakeville Taxi: 860-435-8000

Rail information

Kent is closest to the Ten Mile River station of the Harlem Valley line of Metro North. (800) METROINFO.
Please note: rides to campus should be pre-arranged before arriving at the train station.

Make a day of it: Kent School is fortunate to be situated across the Housatonic River from the town of Kent and its selection of restaurants, accommodations, and resources.

Local Accommodations

In addition to numerous online short-term rental options, there are many local accommodations:

Please note these lists are provided as information only; Kent School does not endorse any of these businesses and encourages each family to find the best options based on their preferences.