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Kent School

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

Kent is committed to making its education accessible to all families who are drawn to the mission of the School.

Financial aid awards range from $5,000 up to the full cost of tuition, depending upon each family’s individual financial circumstances.

The average financial aid award is nearly $54,000. 35% of Kent students receive financial aid from a school-wide financial aid budget of $8.6 million.

Boarding Student Tuition: $73,450
Day Student Tuition: $54,600 
Tuition covers all academic instruction as well as room and board, but additional fees may apply.

An Elite School; Not A School For Elites

When the Reverend Frederick Herbert Sill founded Kent School in 1906, he envisioned an elite school, not a school for elites. This intention expressed itself in ways big and small, from our motto to the jobs program. Materially, this vision resulted in making the school accessible to those who might not otherwise be able to afford a boarding school education.

An Egalitarian Approach

Fr. Sill was ahead of his time, instituting a tuition model that asked families to pay only what they were able to afford. It is in that spirit that Kent approaches financial aid today. The School provides some form of tuition assistance for 35% of its students, with a goal to endow a 10% increase in financial aid by the Fall of 2026.

A Transformative Investment

A solid educational foundation is one of the highest priorities for parents/guardians. Investing in the future of one’s child is an important decision. Kent’s objective is to create a learning community that allows families who believe in the School’s approach access to the Kent experience, regardless of their ability to afford it.

Our long-standing commitment to ensuring that student experience is not limited by a family’s ability to pay goes well beyond tuition reduction. Depending on level of need, qualifying families may also receive other forms of assistance besides tuition grants:

  • Discretionary spending accounts to help with expenses on and off campus.
  • Fee waivers.
  • Reduced costs for individual music lessons and school trips.
  • Free laundry service.
  • Health insurance.

Payment Options

For domestic families, Kent offers:

  • A one-payment plan.
  • A two-payment plan.
  • A 10-payment plan with a one-time fee.



Apply For Financial Aid

Get started



Parents/guardians of new applicants should indicate that they intend to apply for financial aid on the Parent Form of the Application for Admission.



Apply for financial aid through Clarity. Application opens October 15.



Upload all required supplemental documents to your Clarity application.


On March 10

Assuming timely completion of the financial aid application, financial aid decisions are posted on the enrollment portal for families of new applicants.


On April 10

Signed enrollment agreements and deposits are due for newly enrolled students.

Contact Director of Financial Aid Nancy Peterson with questions. 860-927-6115.



The Financial Aid Process

Beginning with the 2023–2024 application year, Kent will no longer be using the SSS application platform. We are excited to announce that we have chosen Clarity as our new financial aid application system. Our new Clarity application will be available beginning on October 15.

Our financial aid application deadline for:

  • Returning families is November 15, 2023.
  • Prospective families is January 15, 2024.

To begin your application, create an account at Clarity. Once your clarity application is submitted, you will be prompted to authorize/submit additional required documentation.


For Families Filing Taxes in the U.S.:

Clarity will prompt you to authorize the IRS to automatically transfer your 1040 and W2s (where applicable) from 2022 directly to the application, so you will not need to upload those documents manually.

Families who have ownership interest in businesses should first complete and submit the Clarity application, then return to the dashboard to upload the following additional tax information required by Kent:

  • 2022 Business tax returns (for sole proprietorships, partnerships, S-Corporation, and if you own any part in a farm) including IRS Schedule K-1, and:
    • For Partnerships: Form 1065
    • For C-Corps: Form 1120
    • For S-Corps: Form 1120S
  • Those with wage earnings will be asked to submit 2023 W-2s at the end of January.


For International Families:

After completing and submitting your Clarity application, return to the dashboard to upload additional information required by Kent School (all documents should be converted to U.S. dollars and translated to English if necessary):

For Canadian tax payers:
  • T1, T4, and Assessment notices from 2022
For all other families:
  • Copy of your 2022 income tax report (where applicable)


  • Current annual earnings statement from your employer(s), translated to English and converted to U.S. dollars


  • Your most recent bank statements.



Financial Aid FAQ