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For the 2020-2021 academic year, Kent School has again partnered with E&R – The Campus Laundry to provide effective, convenient laundry services to all interested students.  This year in particular, given the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, effectively cleaning clothes and bed sheets is a high priority to ensure the greater Kent School community remains healthy.  As a result, Kent School is pleased to offer E&R’s expert laundry services to families. 

E&R – The Campus Laundry has demonstrated a proven track record of providing easy and reliable service to Kent School students.  This year’s laundry service will be particularly convenient as laundry will be picked up and delivered to the individual dorm buildings.  Students will no longer have to bring laundry to a centralized location.

E&R offers two laundry plans: “Just the Basics” and “Look Sharp”.  Both plans are designed to provide students with effective and convenient laundry services.  We strongly believe that the most effective way to clean clothes and linens, and to ensure the campus’s safety, (and due to the fact that there are no washers and dryers on campus for student use) is to utilize the services provided by E&R.

Please sign up for laundry services at: or click on the image below.


E&R Laundry

If you have any questions regarding the service, please contact E&R’s customer service department at (800) 243-7789.