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Opening Doors to a Kent Education

It was the vision of Kent’s founder, Father Frederick Herbert Sill, to build a school where students "of slender means could gain an education second to none.” To this day, Kent remains true to Father Sill’s vision by maintaining a generous financial aid budget. Kent seeks to provide its extraordinary educational opportunity to bright, motivated and talented students, regardless of one’s ability to pay.

Financial Aid

Our awards range from $5000 up to the full cost of tuition depending upon each family’s individual financial circumstances and eligibility for merit aid as determined by the Admissions Committee.

  • 2018/19 Need-based aid awarded: $6.65MM
  • % of population receiving need-based aid: 30%
  • Average need-based award: $39,800

Need-Based Aid

Application for financial aid is available to applicants who believe they cannot fund the full cost of a Kent education. Families apply for need-based assistance at the same time their child is applying for admission. Eligibility for aid is determined on a case-by-case basis depending upon demonstrated need and the availability of financial aid funds. To those with the highest need, Kent also offers assistance with fees, books & school supplies, laundry service, health insurance, and school sponsored trips.

Merit Scholarships

Through Academic Scholarships, Kent seeks to recognize the best and brightest of our applicants who do not necessarily have financial need. Merit scholarships are awarded according to specific applicant qualifying criteria and do not require an additional application beyond the standard application for admission. Recipients are identified by the Admissions Committee and qualifying students are notified that they have qualified for an Academic Scholarship at the same time they receive their offer of admission.

    Merit Awards

    • Kent Scholarship: Recognizes the highest caliber of applicant in all areas, including extraordinary academic accomplishment, demonstrating exceptional personal and leadership qualities, and extra-curricular involvement
    • Headmaster’s Scholarship: recognizes leadership qualities, personal and academic excellence
    • Partridge Scholarship: recognizes academic excellence, carries a minimum standardized test score requirement in the 90th percentile (or its equivalent) or higher
    • Episcopal Schools Scholarship: reserved for academically qualified applicants currently enrolled at an Episcopal School