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Kent School

John Gray Park '28 Library

A stack of books in the Kent School library

John Gray Park '28 Library

Kent School's library encourages students to explore the richness of the scholarly and literary world through open-minded inquiry.

Kent School Students in the Library

Through the John Gray Park '28 Library, Kent students celebrate the creative and diverse culture of our world and make connections between what they’re learning in the classroom and the world beyond Kent.

Guided Exploration

Experience success by providing friendly, knowledgeable support for all aspects of their academic work including an environment where you can immerse yourself individually or work collaboratively. Develop curiosity as you see yourself in the stories of others, past and present.

Extensive Resources

Students can access the library seven days a week, 90 hours a week. The library's substantial print and digital collection for research and reading across the curriculum and beyond it, specialty resources such as a network of university-level resources through interlibrary loan, and a variety of physical spaces to accommodate group and individual work ensure Kent students have the resources they need to deepen their studies.

Intercultural Learning

Through a variety of programming that honors and celebrates the world's culture, the library at Kent supports the community in becoming more actively empathetic and engaged as citizens.

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