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Business and Entrepreneurship Program

BB TerminalKent’s Business and Entrepreneurship Program primes you for a life of innovation. In classes like Global Finance, Marketing for an Inclusive World, Equity and Opportunity in Entrepreneurship, and more, you will learn to look at society and evaluate how you can make an impact.

At the core of Kent’s Business and Entrepreneurship Program is the application of critical and creative thinking to modern problems. As you hone your communication and negotiation skills, you will learn to identify problems, ask insightful questions, and develop novel solutions. This approach enriches the entirety of your Kent experience: you might relate a packaging decision to a geometry problem on volume, or draft your marketing campaign based on the color wheel in an art class.

Whether you are launching product and service businesses as part of our Sunday incubator sessions, becoming certified on one of Kent’s four Bloomberg Terminals, competing in stock market games, interviewing Kent alumni about their professional journey, or pursuing opportunities on campus to raise funds for worthwhile causes, you will gain hands-on experience with the nuances of business.

Whatever ways you make society better, you’ll do it with Kent’s template for success: simplicity of life, directness of purpose, and self-reliance.