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Pre-College Business Study


Financial Systems of the United States 
Using economic theory and principles, students will explore both monetary and fiscal policy in the United States while also addressing basic financial and investment principles. Topics will include: The Federal Reserve, taxation, GDP, and the Financial Markets. Students will also be introduced to financial planning through the use of various investment vehicles

Global Economics
Using economic theory and principles, students will explore various global current events and the impact economics plays in decision making. Topics may include economics and the war on terror, minimum wage, how oil rules the world, and the urban struggle – the struggle with economic mobility

Advanced Studies Economics 
AS Economics is a study of the principles of both micro- and macro-economics. The goal of the course is to achieve a working knowledge of the problems and issues in the economy of the United States. Among the concepts covered are: the ways in which land, labor, and capital (the factors of production) contribute to the growth and operation of a market economy, the ways in which supply and demand affect price and output levels of goods, the ways in which government policies alter the natural working of the market, and how international factors influence a nation’s domestic economic conditions. 

Bloomberg Terminal

BB TerminalIn 2015, we installed a Bloomberg Terminal in the John Gray Park '28 Library. Bloomberg Professional is an online service providing current and historical financial data on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, currencies, commodities, futures, and foreign exchange for both domestic and international markets.  Bloomberg is one of the industry's most widely used sources for real-time financial research and is also a world-wide leader in news reporting.  Our Terminal also allows Kent students to become Bloomberg Certified through the successful completion of their 10-hour online, self-paced course work. Certification will provide documentation that one has gained comprehensive knowledge of the Bloomberg service.

Portfolios with Purpose Investment Game

Kent students play the Portfolios with Purpose (PwP) High School Challenge each school year.  More than 400 students nationally play alongside thousands of college students, novice-class investors, professional-class investors, and master-class investors (billionaire hedge fund managers).  The game starts in October and ends in April. As for the "With Purpose" part of the game, winners award money to the charity of their choice.  Kent graciously donated $50 per player and our top 3 get to give it all away.

To play, students notionally invest 1 million dollars in the stock market.  They can take short or long positions on 5 stocks and can make only 5 trades. Students from Lawrenceville, St Luke's, St Mark's, The Oakridge School, Trinity Valley, Cistercian Prep, Gilman, Fieldston, and Casady HS played in the first year of the high school division of the game in 2016-17.  

Kent's top players travel to New York City each May to a celebration hosted by PwP & CNBC.  In the past, hedge fund managers David Einhorn, Mark Yusko, and Reid Walker have spoken to the crowd.