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Kent School


Student using a welding torch

The Wentz Engineering Program

Kent’s Engineering Program challenges students to push the boundaries of their potential through projects that require critical thinking, scientific literacy, and innovative problem-solving.

Kent School Holy Solars

Kent School is committed to excellence in high school engineering, empowering our students to create a sustainable world.

Learn by Doing

Students gain valuable hands-on experience with various topics and practices in the Wentz Engineering Program. Through interdisciplinary, problem-based teaching and learning techniques, you will use cutting-edge technologies and maximizes your learning.

Space to Create, Together

Housed in the Wentz Engineering and Applied Sciences Center a short walk from campus in the Town of Kent, the Wentz Engineering Program promotes collaboration and teamwork in the learning process. Engineering students think critically and creatively through the application of engineering methods, communicate effectively in the technical languages of engineering, participate in challenge-based learning projects, and interact with professionals across the disciplines of engineering. Additionally, students in the program provide outreach to elementary and middle schools to bring engineering education to younger learners.

Tools of the Trade

The Wentz Engineering and Applied Sciences Center offers students a wide array of tools to facilitate STEM learning, including:

  • A computer lab with computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • Filament 3D printers, a laser cutter, a computer numerical control (CNC) router and mill.
  • A woodshop and metal shop with a variety of power tools and machines
  • Two flight training devices.
  • A TIG welder, with a comprehensive set of training materials to ensure proper safety.



Engineering Certification

The program is centered around the Engineering Certification, which acquaints students with the practice and profession of engineering through course work and extracurricular activities such as the Solar Car Competition, summer programs, guest lectures, and field trips.



Engineering Courses



The Holy Solars


Kent School's Solar Car Challenge team, the Holy Solars, was formed in the 2019-2020 school year and has already established a track record of success through hard work, passionate teamwork, and creativity. The team works out of Kent School's Wentz Engineering Center.

Kent's first entry in the Solar Car Challenge was in the summer of 2021, when the team culminated 14 months of planning, experimenting, and building their car with a decisive victory in their division and took home the Chris Jones Award for displaying the highest level of good sportsmanship.

In 2022, the Holy Solars returned to the Solar Car Challenge and faced a more competitive field, yet still won their division by a wide margin.

Founded in 1993, The Solar Car Challenge is a project-based STEM Initiative designed to motivate students in science and engineering and increase alternative energy awareness. To compete, teams build solar cars before displaying and driving them at a closed-track event at the Texas Motor Speedway. Learn more about the Solar Car Challenge on their website.