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College Process Overview

Overview of Kent’s College Process

Students begin the formal college application process in the Winter Term of their Fourth Form year when they are assigned to and begin meeting with their college counselor. During the fall of Fifth Form year, each student is enrolled in College Seminar, a class designed to introduce the college process. Self-evaluation is the first phase of the process: identifying strengths and weaknesses, academic interests, aspirations, and articulating values and ideals. College Seminar is an opportunity to explore intellectual, career and extra-curricular passions. The Seminar is also the time to introduce the class to the nuts and bolts of the application process; to understand the various components of an application and to explore the many possibilities in the world of higher education.

Winter term in the Fifth Form year is the time when students begin their individual meetings with their college counselors. During these meetings the counselors help the students investigate the many different college options, plan their standardized testing schedules, research and plan summer activities and make fall curriculum choices. Students are asked to complete a self-evaluation, develop a résumé and brainstorm ideas for college application essays. In addition to the College Seminar, students are offered a series of workshops on the application process and essay writing. Over the course of the Winter and Spring Terms, the student and counselor work closely together to develop a college list.

A Parents' College Workshop takes place in February which includes a keynote speech from a college admissions director, meetings with the college counselors and a series of workshops addressing important aspects of the college application process such as financial aid, selective college admission, Naviance Student and the athletic recruitment process.

Students are encouraged to visit college campuses during our three-week long Spring Break and the summer vacation. Counselors are available throughout the spring and summer break for consultation by email and phone. Students return to Kent in the fall of their Sixth Form year with drafts of applications, and a finalized college list in hand. The fall is the busiest time in the College Counseling Office as seniors meet frequently with their college counselor to review their applications, essays and all supporting documents.