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Kent School

College Counseling

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College Counseling

The college counseling process at Kent is a natural extension of our educational philosophy, emphasizing independent thinking, introspection, personal responsibility, leadership, and informed decision-making. The result is students who are sought after by the most selective colleges and universities in the world.

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Every college search is unique. Our goal is to help each student discover the best match.



Distinctly Student Focused

College represents an important milestone in a student’s life. It is a time for students to further develop their interests, explore and define their talents, and deepen their personal beliefs and values. Kent's college counselors act as guides through the entire process, ensuring that each student's individuality is honored and amplified every step of the way.

College Preparation, Not College Imitation

From the moment a student steps foot on the Kent campus, they are preparing for college. Every student at Kent follows a college preparatory curriculum personally crafted for the abilities of the individual student. Students meet with their advisors and the Director of Studies to discuss their course selection. Throughout their Kent career, students are encouraged to understand that successful college preparation depends on engaging fully in the Kent School experience.

People and Process

Kent's college counseling process ensures positive outcomes by fostering deep and open connections between families and counselors. Counselors prioritize fit as they guide and support Kent students to examine their interests, explore their passions, and embark on the next stage of their academic journey. The college process unique to each student; the College Counseling Office guides and supports students and their families to identify the best college matches for each individual.




Kent graduates are sought after by the most selective colleges and universities in the world. Click the button below to see a list of college acceptances from the 2022-2023 school year.

College Acceptances

College Counseling Timeline

Information for College Representatives

We look forward to welcoming you to Kent. Please feel free to contact the College Office at any time if we can assist you with your visit. The College Counseling Office is located in the Dickinson Science building (the large brick building), just as you enter the main campus. Please park in the guest parking lot. The Kent Admissions Office is the white building on your right. Dickinson is just across the way, as you approach the campus, on your left. The College Office is located in the far right corner of the building, Room 125.

Our annual college fair takes place each spring and is held in the Nadal Hockey Rink. The entrance to the Hockey Rink is a quarter of a mile west of Kent’s main entrance on Route 341, on the left.

Please consider allowing some time to enjoy the town of Kent. There are a number of wonderful coffee shops, chocolate shops, galleries, gift shops and a great bookstore in town, just down the street from the Kent campus.

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